Amsterdam, 12 November 2015. Over 90 clients and 200 M&A International Inc. merger and acquisition professionals traveled from all corners of the world to the hear of Amsterdam to attend the 65th M&A International Inc Spring Coference and 15th M&A Mid-Market Forum

The 15th M&A Mid-Market Forum (MMF)

The MMF is a unique networking event and was attended by over 200 M&A advisors from more than 40 countries who met with 90+ clients from 17 different countries. The event is specifically designed to advise clients on progressing their M&A strategy and to discuss and generate business opportunities through a series of pre-arranged private meetings, each lasting 20 minutes. Over 500 one-to-one meetings were held between clients from industry and private equity and M&A professionals from around the globe. The meetings considered the specific geographical and sector interests of clients.

Continued collaboration between our professionals around the globe, sharing industry expertise and building personal relationships are key in providing the best possible service to our clients, hence the importance of our biannual conferences.

Next conference will be held in Dubai, UAE, in March 2016.

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