Business weekly magazine Lider is organizing an annual international conference “The future of family businesses” which will be held on February 17th in KRAŠ Auditorium

The experience of family business which has become international, the reasons why the owners have connected their family business and how to deal with foreigners, are just some of the topics that will be found in the program on already 8th Lider conference for the family business. Apart from classic lectures, participants will have the opportunity to listen to panel discussions and participate in two workshops.

Joško Vučetić, a partner at Caper, will lead a panel discussion on Internationalization as the next step in the development of family business, which is also the main theme of the conference. At this panel it will discussed about the decisions that the owner of a family business should make before entering the foreign market, how to consider partnership offers from abroad and is it better to remain large locally or become a small player in the global market. Caper has already participated in same conference last year when Željko Perić, founder and managing partner of Caper, was guest speaker and gave a lecture on exit strategies for owner of a family business.

 More about the conference please find out here.

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