Oaklins Fall Conference

Every year, Oaklins, the world’s most experienced mid-market M&A advisors, organizes two conferences; the Spring and the Fall Conference. The conferences are held in different locations all over the world. This year’s program will last for three days, and there will be more than 150 Oaklins experts from 40 countries that are home to Oaklins members.

18. M&A Mid-Market Forum (MMF)

The Mid-Market Forum is a traditional part of Oaklins conferences geared to discussing M&A opportunities. This corporate speed networking event is a valuable opportunity for clients to hear about potential targets, as well as sector trends. During the MMF, Oaklins professionals and their clients discuss M&A criteria and opportunities in individual markets.

For the first time, Caper has invited two potential Croatian clients interested in cross-border acquisitions. Since previous MMF meetings have led to numerous closed transactions and strong business relationships, it is an honor for us to present successful industry leaders from Croatia. Attending such an event is an excellent way to gain insights into European markets and help you achieve your strategic goals.

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