200 Oaklins members and clients met in Vienna, Austria, for the Oaklins Fall Conference which was held from 8th till 10th of November, 2018

Both members and clients from all over the world attended Thursday’s Energy and Automotive event, which, among others, included presentations from Deutsche Bank, UNIDO, Wien Energie, FMT and AVI Systems.

The rest of the Conference was very dynamic with many productive meetings during Internal forum where potential projects and further improvement of cooperation were in focus. Special attention was devoted to the analysis of results of the new branding. The final part of the Conference was reserved for expert discussions about changes and new trends in key industries and their impact on M&A activities and valuations.

Oaklins new member

Oaklins is proud to introduce a new member firm Monsanto Capital from Portugal.

Oaklins Spring Conference 2019 will be held in June in Los Angeles.