Remaris is a leader in providing complete software solutions for managing business and cash registers in the hospitality industry. The Company was the first in Croatia to introduce the SaaS billing business model and the management of a catering facility in the Cloud. Its solutions are used daily in more than 3,000 locations throughout Croatia.

Payten, a member of Asseco group, is one of the leading 10 software vendors in Europe. The Company has significantly expanded its business in the last 18 months by acquiring a number of companies focused on developing and selling innovative payment technology solutions in Europe and beyond.

“Caper has been a highly valued and trusted advisor to our company, serving instrumental roles in finding a partner for the next development phase and advising in the transaction. I truly value the timely, sound and objective advice and the day-to-day involvement provided by Caper’s partner Joško Vučetić throughout every step of the process. Joško and his team did a great job articulating our unique value proposition, designing and executing on a sale strategy that resulted in a competitive process and closing a transaction that maximized value for our shareholders. I look forward to staying in touch with Caper’s team and hope to leverage their expertise on future unrelated business endeavours.„ VEDRAN OMRČEN ⎯⎯ REMARIS CO-FOUNDER

Caper’s role in transaction

Caper was the exclusive financial advisor to the Remaris owners, leading and coordinating the preparation of the sales process, identifying leads, structuring the transaction, as well as negotiating and closing the transaction.