Yesterday, we have concluded the sale process of Pemo to Studenac. The most profitable Croatian retail chain has been acquired by the fastest growing one. We have been through a very demanding process that had been stopped in spring of 2020 due to the pandemic, continued after the 2021 summer season, cleared by the Croatian Competition Agency in December of 2021, signed in January, and finally, closed yesterday. Our efforts have been paid off, if for no other reason than the following words from the Owner:


“PEMO was a life-time project of my wife, me, our family and all of our valuable employees. In this project, we have invested almost 30 years of our life and work. The decision to exit the company was difficult and pretty emotional. Without the help of Caper, their huge effort and impeccable leadership throughout the whole project, including the turbulent, pandemic times, this transaction would, for sure, not be completed. I am sincerely grateful for the professionalism and benevolence they have showed during good and bad phases of this project.“


Lovorko Milošević, the founder of Pemo